The Portland Renters’ Assembly is a gathering of people united by the burden of rent. The housing struggle in Portland, much like activism of our time at large, often operates in a state of emergency. There is a need to stand behind those facing foreclosure, eviction, renoviction, homelessness, and rents rising well beyond livability. It is time for these concerns to stand in solidarity with the basic injustice underlying the concept of ‘rent’ itself. Come and share your experience as a renter or with rent-related issues, learn about the history of rent and tenant struggles, and share resources for moving forward together.


6 thoughts on “About

  1. Amy Chapman says:

    Hey there! I saw you guys on the news and I would like to reach out. I started a petition that was featured in the news as well, and I’m wondering if we could chat?

    Thank you!


  2. Chriss Ha says:

    We were trying to find out where to sign the petition for Rent Control in PDX, (or even better…Oregon). Our rent was raised by $175.00, 24 hours after putting in several repair requests in March 2015. Our rent went from $715.00 to $890.00 in a 30 day period. Plus that fake “sub-metered” water bill they charge tenants…mysteriously goes up every time they want revenue with out having to give notice.


  3. Jim Lockhart says:

    I’m interested in doing a live interview with someone from your organization on the public access program, “A Growing Concern,” which airs every Friday evening from 7-8 on channel 11.

    My name is Jim Lockhart, and I have been producing and hosting this weekly program since October of 1998.

    Thank you for any consideration,

    Jim Lockhart


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