The Portland Mercury on No-Cause Terminations/Evictions

MOVING IS STRESSFUL: Searching for a house, coming up with the extra cash for deposits, cleaning, packing, unpacking.

Moving after an eviction, though, can be devastating.

Oregon law dictates landlords only need to give either one or two months’ notice if they want you out, depending on how long you’ve been a tenant—but they don’t need to reveal their motives.

Landlords are also allowed to raise rents however much they want, effectively evicting people who can’t afford the new price. There’s no agency tracking how often these actions occur, but they’re playing out a lot in Portland.

The city’s tenants are starting to get angry, so they’re doing what Portlanders do: organize. The Portland Renters Assembly is holding meetings where renters can “tell their stories of abuse, exploitation, and displacement at the hands of landlords,” and several Facebook groups have popped up in which angry tenants are looking for solutions.

Read the rest here. Thanks to Shelby King for writing it.


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