The Second Portland Renters’ Assembly

The Portland Renters’ Assembly is a gathering of people united by the burden of rent. This burden impacts renters, owners, and the houseless as well as the overall ecosystem of the city. The housing struggle in Portland, much like activism of our time at large, often operates in a state of emergency. There is a need to stand behind those facing foreclosure, eviction, renoviction, houselessness, and rents rising well beyond livability. It is time we stand in solidarity against the basic injustice underlying rent – the exploitation of the human need for housing. Come and share your experience as a renter or with rent-related issues, learn about the history of rent and tenant struggles, and share resources for moving forward together.

Tuesday, ​April 21st​, 2015. ​5:30pm-7:30pm​.
@ The Portland Central Library
801 SW 10th Avenue
General Assembly w/ presentations by ​Cameron Herrington of Living Cully and members of​Socialist Alternative


Sunday, ​April 26th​, 2015. ​1pm-3pm​.
@ The North Portland Library
512 N Killingsworth Street
General Assembly w/ presentations by members of Portland Solidarity Network and former city council candidate, Nick Caleb

*At the general assembly, all in attendance are invited to share their experiences as renters or with rent-related issues.

This event is sponsored by KBOO
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One thought on “The Second Portland Renters’ Assembly

  1. Leah Maka Grey says:

    I do not do twitter or facebook. I am on the East Portland Action Plan’s Housing Committee and was at the first two assemblies.

    I missed the first organization meeting at KBOO. When and where is the next organizational meeting. I want to bring info to the EPAP Housing Committee.


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